Stainless Steel Roller Shell With Open Ends

The roller shell is made of X46Cr13, which has stronger hardness and wear resistance.

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● Each pellet mill roll shell is manufactured with extreme precision using the highest quality stainless steel.
● Our roller shells are highly resistant to wear, breakage, and corrosion.

Product Roller shell
Material Stainless steel
Process Lathing, milling, drilling
Size As per customer drawing and requirements
Surface Hardness 58-60HRC
Machinery Test Report Provided
Package According to customers’ requests
Machinery Test Report Provided
Features 1. Strong, durable
2. Corrosion-resistant
3. Low coefficient of friction
4. Low maintenance requirements

Product Service Life

The roller shell works under extremely harsh conditions. Huge forces are transmitted from the die surface through the bearings to the roller support shaft. Friction causes fatigue cracks to appear on the surface. After a certain depth of fatigue cracking has occurred during production, the service life of the shell is extended accordingly.
The life span of the roller shell is critical, as the frequent replacement of the roller shell can also damage the ring die. Therefore, when purchasing pelletizing equipment, the material of the roll shell should also be taken into consideration. Chrome steel alloy material is desirable because it has good fatigue resistance and is suitable for the requirements of operating in harsh environments.
A good roller shell is not only made of good material but also matches the excellent properties of its dies. Each die and roller assembly stay together as a unit, extending the life of the die and roller and making it easy to store and convert.

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We can supply complete sets of accessories for pellet mill, such as pulverizer hammer blades, granulator ring dies, flat dies, granulator grinding discs, granulator roller shells, gears (large/small), bearings, connecting hollow shafts, safety pin assemblies, couplings, gear shafts, roller shell assemblies, various knives, various scrapers.


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