Manufacturer of Hammermill Accessories and Pelletmill Accessories

Changzhou Hammermill Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (HAMMTECH) is a factory specializing in the production of feed machinery’s spare parts. We can manufacture the big gear and small gear of various pellet mill, hoop die clamp, spacer sleeve, gear shaft, and different kinds of ring die, roller shell, roller shell shaft, and roller shell assembly according to the customer’s drawings.

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Product Name

Hammermill and pelletmill accessories


Alloy steel/ stainless steel


Heat treatment

Pellet Size


Die Diameter

Customized size


Meet with the industry standard


1 year


Applied for pellet machines

Feed machinery is made up of many accessories, each of which has a different function and is indispensable. Our precision-manufactured pellet machine spare parts will maintain the value of your machine, extend its life cycle and ensure that valuable product warranties remain in force.


Spacer Sleeve


Gear  Shaft


Hoop Die Clamp

Product Features

1) Strong product strength;
2) Competitive price;
3) Short delivery time and fast delivery;
4) Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, fatigue resistance and impact resistance;
5) A full range of pelletizing machine models;
6) The manufacturing process can be completely controlled automatically, and the smooth finished mold hole can be formed by single shot peening.

Product Packing

For LCL packaging: channel base, iron bracket, metal plate packaging, meeting the requirements of export container transportation and packaging, safe and stable.

For full container packaging: generally, the equipment will be wrapped with plastic film, fixed in the iron tray, and directly loaded into the container.

Our Company

Our company has been committed to improving the quality of hammermill and pelletmill parts. After years of development, HAMMTECH Machinery has professional technical guidance and standardized production lines. Through strict production management and a series of technical improvements, our company has made the product quality reach the domestic advanced level. We are confident that you can buy high-quality accessories from us!


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