3MM Tungsten Carbide Hammer Blade

We can produce tungsten carbide hammer blades with different sizes. Manufactured from high-quality forged steel and finished with advanced hardfacing technology, our hammer blades are designed to meet the most demanding applications.

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The hammer blade is the most important and most easily worn working part of the hammer mill, so improving the abrasion resistance of the hammer blade to extend its service life has been one of the key technical issues of the hammer mill. Overlaying tungsten carbide on the surface of the hammer blade is one of the main processes for hardening the hammer blade. The hardness of its overlay layer exceeds 60 HRC and has a high capacity for wear-resistant material abrasion. Although its manufacturing cost is twice as much as the overall quenching hammer blade, its service life is far more than two times than of the latter. Therefore, the hammer blade treated by this process has a high-cost performance ratio.


Product Features

1. Shape: single head single hole, double head double hole
2. Size: various sizes, customized
3. Material: high-quality alloy steel, wear-resistant steel
4. Hardness: HRC90-95 (carbides); tungsten carbide hard face – HRC 58-68 (materiax); C1045 heat treated body – HRC 38-45 & stress relived; around the hole: hrc30-40.

The thickness of the tungsten carbide layer is the same as that of the hammer blade body. It not only maintains the sharpness of hammer blade cutting but also enhances the abrasion resistance of the hammer blade.


Single-layer: the thickness of tungsten carbide layer reaches 5mm; the total wear-resistant thickness reaches 8mm. Its service life is N times that of similar products. It can reduce crushing cost and save the replacement time.

Double-layer: the thickness of tungsten carbide layer reaches 8mm; the total wear-resistant thickness reaches 12mm. It has unparalleled advantages.

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