Tungsten Carbide Blade of Sugar Cane Shredder Cutter

This kind of tungsten carbide blade adopts a hard alloy which has the properties such as high hardness, wear resistance and high corrosion resistance. It helps to make the sugar cane shredding more efficient.

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Product Introduction

To meet the growing demand for sugar cane straw, wear-resistant tungsten carbide blades are widely used for raw material shredding mills so as to make the sugar cane shredding process more efficient and profitable than ever before.

Why tungsten carbide?
Most carbide cutting tools are made of tungsten carbide. This is because it's incredibly hard. It has great wear and impact resistance, and it's readily available to manufacturers.


Product Features

1. Shape: various shapes
2. Size: various sizes, customized.
3. Material: high-quality alloy steel, wear-resistant steel
4. Hardness: the hammer tip is welded with special materials and processes, and the hardness of tungsten carbide is HRC90-95. The hardness of the blade body is HRC55. It has high wear resistance and high impact toughness, which increases the service time.


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Professional Technical Team

Having a professional team dedicated to the promotion and application of new products and new technologies. Improving the cost-effectiveness of our products has become the main task of our technology research and development department.

Complete Product Range

We can provide various kinds of accessories for hammermill and pelletmill, such as hammer blade, roller shell, flat die, ring die, etc. We can also provide crushing material transportation equipment (pneumatic conveying equipment).

Strict Quality Control

Conduct quality control to ensure the product integrity and process accuracy. We will use advanced testing equipment to carry out strict quality checks on the products before delivery.

Innovation and Technology

We will generate changes in every aspect of manufacturing business, from design, production, research to sales, marketing and service. Applying new technologies combine with innovation to create more opportunities.


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