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Changzhou Hammermill Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (HAMMTECH) is a factory specializing in the production of hammermill, pelletmill accessories and crushing material transportation equipment (pneumatic conveying equipment). Such as hammermill blade, roller shell, flat die, ring die, carbide blade of sugar cane sherdder cutter, pneumatic conveying equipment, etc.

We can provide smooth hammermill blade and special tungsten carbide hammermill blade. Its service life is N times that of other similar products, which can reduce the crushing cost by about 50% and save the time for replacing hammermill blade.

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Tungsten carbide hammermill blade, carbide hardness is HRC 90-95, hardfacing hardness is HRC 58-68 (wear-resistant layer). The thickness of the cemented carbide hardness layer is the same as that of the hammermill blade body. It not only maintains the sharpness of hammermill blade cutting, but also enhances the abrasion resistance of hammermill blade.

Tungsten carbide blade of sugar cane sherdder cutter, the top of the hammermill blade is welded with special materials and processes. The hardness of the carbide is HRC90-95. The hardness of the blade body is HRC55. It has high wear resistance and high impact toughness, which increases the service time.

We provide all kinds of roller shell for pelletmill machinery: feed roller shell, fine chemical roller shell, sawdust roller shell, biomedical roller shell, etc.

The detachable roller shell is an innovative technology in the world. The outer layer of the roller shell can be disassembled and replaced, and the inner layer can be reused, saving the use cost and creating additional value.


We provide all kinds of flat die, ring die, extruding die and so on.

We are specialized in producing pneumatic conveying equipment for crushing materials. It is a method of carrying materials in the material pipeline by using air (or other gases) flow as the conveying power. Professional design team to provide first-class and efficient services.

We firmly believe that our unique technological innovation and invention will make our products your best choice.

1. Tungsten carbide hammer blade: long life working time can reduce the crushing cost and save the replacement time.

2. Roller shell of pelletmill machinery: feed roller shell, fine chemical roller shell, sawdust roller shell, biomedical roller shelll, etc.

3. Original detachable roller shelll: remove and replace, reuse, and save the use cost.

4. Flat die, ring die, extruder die of extruder machine, etc.: new material, new technology, high precision.

5. Tungsten carbide hammer blade of sugar cane shredder cutter: high wear resistance and high impact toughness.

6. Pneumatic conveying equipment: simple process, green and environmental protection, improve efficiency.