Fish Feed Pellet Mill Ring Die

The hole distribution of the ring die is uniform. Advanced vacuum heat treatment process, avoid the oxidation of die holes, effectively ensure the finish of die holes.

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In order to control the uniformity of the hardness of the ring die after heat treatment, after heat treatment of each ring die, in each part of the circumferential direction of three equal parts, take no less than 3 points to measure the average value of hardness. The difference between the hardness of each part should not be greater than HRC4.

In addition, the hardness of the blank of the ring die should be controlled, and the hardness should be between HB170 and 220. If the hardness is too high, the drill bit is easy to break and cause dead holes. If the hardness is too low, the finish of the die holes will be affected. In order to control the uniformity of the material inside the blank, if possible, each blank should be carried out internal inspection, to prevent the blank internal cracks, pores, sand, and other defects.

Roughness is also an important index to measure the quality of ring die. At the same compression ratio, the greater the roughness value, the greater the resistance to extrusion and the more difficult it is to discharge the feed. A suitable roughness value should be between 0.8 and 1.6.


Product Packaging

1. The ring die is wrapped in a waterproof plastic film.
2. Wooden package or customized as per customers' request.
3. Standard exporting package which is suitable for long-distance transportation.

wooden package

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